Roelx Daytona Replica Snake Watch

This watch was created in honor of the Chinese Year of the Snake. Roelx Daytona Replica Urushi Snake Watch, an extraordinary special edition watch,Ball Replica Watches boasts a beautiful dial made using traditional Japanese ornament techniques.

This exquisite wristwatch's dial is created using Urushi, a well-known lacquering technique. The dial is decorated with a hand-painted flowering bush that represents good fortune and has a golden snake wrapped around it. The Urushi sap, also known as "Japanese varnish or "lacquer trees", is used to make the glaze.

Urushi trees can be found in many areas of East Asia, with the majority being in Japan and China. Urushi collection is similar to collecting gum from a rubber tree. To heal the wound, you must first cut the bark.Omega Deville Replica Watches The tree then produces a milky-white sap. You can only harvest the resin once per year and in very small quantities. The resin is transformed into thick honey-textured lacquer three to five years after being collected.

This rare material is highly resistant to acid, alkali, and alcohol. It can withstand heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Urushi, like all natural finishes, is susceptible to UV rays. On various decorative objects such as bowls, boxes, and everyday household items, the lacquer is applied in thin layers.

This watch's dial is made using a different technique to the Urushi method.Patek Philippe Replica Watches Maki-e is a lacquering technique that involves sprinkling lacquered coatings with metal powder. This is used to highlight the lines of the figures. Maki-e, which is made of gold dust in this case, is a complex technique. The dust is applied using bamboo tubes and small natural hair brushes to trace fine lines.

The L.U.C Caliber 96.17L self-winding movement showcases the mechanical beauty of the Roelx Daytona Replica Urushi Snake. The watch is only 6.8mm thick. However, it houses two barrels that provide 65 hours of power reserve. In accordance with traditional watchmaking principles, the mechanism has been completely hand-decorated by House artisans. It is fitted with a micro-rotor that is slightly off-center. This can be seen through the sapphire caseback. The 29 jewels mechanism oscillates at a rapid frequency of 28800 beats an hour (4Hz).

L.U.C Caliber 96.7-L

Roelx Daytona Replica Urushi snake watch is housed within an 18-karats rosegold case measuring 39.5mm in diameter. Rose gold is also used to make the gilt dauphine-styled hour/minute hands.

The watch is finished with a black alligator strap and a rose gold pin buckle.Roelx Daytona Replica The watch is presented in a unique presentation box that is also decorated with Urushi techniques. The box's exterior is black while the interior has a Makie-e gold surface. The octagonal shape was chosen to symbolize the gaiety. (Octagon is an oriental symbol for gaiety).

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