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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: This software runs in Windows® XP / VISTA / 7/8/10  operating environments.
  • COMMUNICATION PORTS: At the same time, any 5 ports of the computer and Ethernet line can be used.
  • SOFTWARE LANGUAGE: DELPHI ® 2009 and SQL software written in the language.
  • DATA BASE: Uses the Microsoft Paradox Database.
  • COMMUNICATION FORMAT:From the communication ports, the contact ID format alarm, error and event and their recovery information can be received at the same time.
  • TCP / IP BASED PANEL RECOGNITION: IP based panes have the ability to receive information via the Internet from a local network (LAN) or router.
  • SMS SENDING: With voice and priority alarms are requested, you can automatically send a message to a predetermined GSM number. If automatic sending is not requested, SMS can be sent manually to the desired account.
  • E-MAIL SEND : Automatically connects to the e-mail address written in the account information. The report file can be sent to the account via e-mail. If an audible alarm is requested, it can be sent to E-mail addresses with Automatic E-Mail.
  • AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE SEARCH : 10 The phone can search automatically.
  • NUMBER OF ACCOUNTS : Allows to enter 10000 account information.
  • ACCOUNT INFORMATION : It allows subscription information to be registered in the database (account number, code, name, phone number, name of the called person, fax number, SMS number, E-mail address, address description, model of the panel, map and opening / closing time information, tax number, start and end times, password etc.) Subscriptions can be searched by account name and account number.
  • OPERATOR DEFINITION : Operator exchange and operator identification , password change, possibilities.Operatorauthority can be changed by "master" code.
  • ALARM LOGU : In alarm monitoring mode; alarm priority, time, account code, account name, alarm code and name.
  • ALARM TYPE: The last incoming alarm flashes at the top and is illuminated. At the same time, it can also be heard through the loudspeaker of the computer. Detailed information about the subscription can be viewed with a click, and manual communication can be done viathis detail form .
  • ALARM REPORTING : In approved reports: Incident time, approval time, account number, account name, alarm number, alarm code, alarm description, operator note, operator name are registered. Alar and Event reports and all account list are in "PDF and HTML" format can be reported to subscriptions. When the hard disk until the account information came değiştirilemiyor.alarm map or diagram of the reports requested from the account file screen görülebilir.rap certain dates can be received as a printer output, if requested, can be forwarded to the fax or can be delivered to the account via "e-mail". The telephone call is automatically saved in the report file.
  • REPORTING ACCOUNT INFORMATION : The total number of accounts is calculated in the reports. Detailed information of the companies can be determined with reports.
  • REPORTING FILTERING : Depending on the priority number, reports can be obtained by filtering according to alarm types between certain dates.
  • ACCOUNTS OPENING AND CLOSING REPORTS : The opening and closing times of the subscriptions can be reported. The opening and closing times of the subscriptions can be determined beforehand and the reports of the unsold and early opened subscriptions can be obtained.
  • SOFTWARE MAY NOT BE CLOSED: The software closes with the user password. The software can not be closed without password.
  • USAGE REPORTS: The closing and opening times of the operators that close and open the software are kept in the records. The name of the operator who reports in the reports is seen. The password is entered by each user of the computer.
  • WORKING AS FIRST AS SOFTWARE: When the computer is first turned on, the software automatically opens and the COM ports and other information and usage features in the settings are protected as they are.
  • NOT SIGNED ACCOUNTS : There are reports of accountss that do not indicate signs between certain dates. The user is warned if there are non signal accounts.
  • NON TEST SIGNAL  ACCOUNT : The test signal will be notified and informed for non signal  accounts .Test sign time interval can be set from 10s to 24 hours.
  • PRIORITY COLORS : Priority colors can be changed if desired by the operator so that alarm and event priority are provided visually.
  • ALARM MONITORING CENTER COMPANY LOGOSU: Company name can be written in the form of alarm monitoring.
  • COMMUNICATION PORTION TEST: COM Ports can be tested.
  • WARNINGS: There are warnings and aids for misuse.
  • AUTOMATIC DATA BACKUP : All databases are automatically backed up at the desired time of day.
  • MANUAL BACKUP AND RECOVERY: The backed up dataset at the desired time can be easily retrieved.
  • 'WIRELESS MODEM', GSM and 'ONLINE' TELEPHONE LINE USE: Connects to all modems that communicate with USB ports or with the computer attached to the navy.

      More detailed usage and technical information can be found in the user manual.

  • Port: 4 pieces of information can be obtained from the desired COM port and ethernet line (converter for USB Ports can be used).
  • Speed: Selectable. (1200 Baud for GETA1000 receiver)
  • Parity: None
  • Data bit: 8
  • Stop bit: 1 dir.
  • All devices manufactured by GETA Elektronik work with this software.


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